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The Waiting Room Cover 2014


Charlotte thought she knew her mother – a woman highly regarded in the small farming community of Marion, Missouri. Dr. Sylvie Day was a successful OB-GYN, responsible for delivering nearly half the population of Marion. She was a loving and devoted mother to Charlotte, forced to raise her daughter alone after her husband’s sudden death when Charlotte was merely a toddler. She was the one constant in Charlotte’s life.  But Dr. Sylvie Day was also a woman with secrets – secrets she kept hidden from her daughter all of her life.

On the day of Sylvie’s funeral, Charlotte receives a strange, unsettling note written in her mother’s handwriting that threatens to crack the foundation of the relationship she had with the mother she thought she knew so well. Now, Charlotte is forced to confront not only her mother’s past, but her own failures as a daughter, learning to forgive herself and accept her mother for the woman she really was.

A stunning debut novel from Piper Punches, The Waiting Room weaves a tale that reveals the complexities of family, the invisible bonds that connect people, and the pain that can reverberate through generations because of the choices we make. Told from several points of view, the true story of Sylvie Day becomes clearer and clearer with each turn of the page, reminding us that the secrets we keep aren’t always ours to take to the grave.

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Sophia Cruz was an average 17-year-old girl from Mission Valley, until the day she had a knife put to her stomach and fear inserted into her heart. Some may have called it stupidity. She called it a necessary sacrifice. Why else would she leave everything behind and walk arm in arm with the devil into a world of prostitution and human imprisonment?  This is Sophia’s story. She wants you to know who she was before that day. Before she became just another missing girl . . .